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what the hell is this status stuff omfg
fuckin da and its size limit of 15kB for icons. ill downsize in the morning i guess >:(
does anyone know any rp groups that are opening/open bc i got a mighty need to rp
KU: I cant believe im doin thIS by 3896
KU: I cant believe im doin thIS
hi i updated already lmao
colored version

Name: Sotomura Kasumi

Gender: Female

Weight: 130lbs / 58.96kg

Birthday: November 18th

Height: 5’3 /160cm

Age: 20

Year: First


Quiet | Competitive | Inexpressive | Blunt | Honest | Loyal | Relaxed | Patient | Studious

Deadpanned most of the time Kasumi is a rather quiet and relaxed individual. But her lack of expression and communication does not mean she isn't a happy. In fact, she quite a happy individual. When she communicates with others she tends to tell it how it is and is rather blunt and honest with her opinions. She doesn't intend to sound insensitive but just wants to tell it how it is. When it comes to the few friends she has, Kasumi is extremely loyal to them. And due to the people she hangs around with she has grown to be a rather patient individual. Despite her quiet nature, Kasumi is a rather competitive individual, whether it be playing a game or trying to get the best score on an exam. When her competitive side comes out though, she can get a bit rowdy and more talkative. When it comes to school, Kasumi is quite studious and strives for good grades and puts her best effort towards any subject. 


Kasumi was the third born in her family out of 4 children and was born in the city of Tokyo. Her parents worked as a businessman and a secretary. They worked rather long hours and weren't around as much as they'd like to have been. This being said they left her elder siblings to watch after her and her younger brother when they were younger. Growing up in the city was nice, everything was so close, it was busy, growing up there she learned to love all these things about the city, her home. Once she started school Kasumi had trouble making friends due to her quiet nature, but throughout her elementary school years she had gained many friends simply due to the fact that she had grown up with them through her elementary school years.

When middle school started everything was great! Her grades were good, and she was even stepping out of her shell a little bit, speaking to people more and becoming a bit more sociall. Half way through her first year her grandfather on her fathers side grew ill. His health was slowly deteriorating. Her father being the only family her grandfather had left, took a leave of absence from work and headed to Koshu to take care of his ill father. As Kasumi’s first year of middle school had ended they had received the news from her father, that her grandfather had passed away but left his small shop in the city to them. Wanting his son to carry on the family business and run the shop.

Her father couldn't deny his father’s dying wish, but not only that he had also fallen in love again with the city he grew up in bringing out the country boy that had been buried away by the city for so long. That being said he urged the family to move out to Koshu and run the shop with him. After her first year of middle school when Kasumi and her siblings were on summer vacation she said goodbye to her friends and the family moved out to the quaint country like town her father grew up in. After everything was settled and everyone was moved in Kasumi was still upset about leaving the friends she had back home. She felt herself slowly regressing back into the shell she had finally began to crawl out of. While her siblings tried to comfort her and tell her that she’ll learn to like their new home and would make new friends, she was having nothing of it.

Once summer vacation was over she enrolled in her new middle school, where she met Yoshida Akemi. The girl was rather insistent on her and Kasumi becoming friends no matter how many times Kasumi rudely rejected her advances. After enough pestering Kasumi finally gave in, befriending Akemi. The girl really took Kasumi out of her shell yet again, and made her a more approachable person throughout the years they've been friends. At the end of their middle school years the girls were inseparable and decided to apply to go to the same high school together.

Throughout high school the girls were attached at the hip. Things went by swimmingly and they enjoyed their three years there. Kasumi gained a few more friends through the volleyball club she participated in. Once they graduated, Kasumi decided that she was going to head back to Tokyo to go to university. She was pleasantly surprised to find out her friend of many years also wanted to head to Tokyo for her own purposes. The two did some apartment hunting and decided to move. Kasumi getting a job as a barista and Akemi a cashier to pay their rent. Still unsure about what university to attend Kasumi did some reseearch to find out which would best suit her. Kamenoko caught her eye due to it's focus on the sciences, and like that her application to the university went out.


  • Reading
  • Volleyball
  • Math
  • Girly things such as doing her nails
  • Anything relaxing
  • Animals (especially dogs)
  • Idol groups
  • The city and the hustle and bustle of it


  • Tea
  • English class
  • Rock music
  • Winter
  • Bitter foods
  • Romcoms

-Works as a barista at a cafe near their apartment. Currently looking for something else. (gotta have some income rn LMFAO)

In the past she worked a cashier / stocker at her family's convenient store. 

Additional Info:

  • Family runs a local convenience store which they inherited from her grandfather.
  • She worked at the family runned convenience store as a part time job as a stocker and a cashier during her high school years. Basically what ever needed to be done there, she did it.
  • Really likes to sing, but only if she's by herself. Otherwise she becomes extremely embarrassed. Isn't half bad at it.
  • Has an akita named Sho
  • Her old house is attached to the back of the convenience store.
  • Lives in an apartment with Yoshida Akemi and her dog Sho
  • Colored ref here



United States

hi i'm ali i'm 20 but dress like im 60
i also really like scarves and have like 50

art tumblr

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